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Car Pickup ServiceAre you dreading getting that chirping noise checked out because your auto repair shop is so far away? Are you planning to take an entire day off just to get the oil change done? There’s no need to! Choisser Automotive Services offers pickup and drop-off services to make auto maintenance and repairs easy for you. Besides the option to bring your car in, you also have an option to have one of our technicians pick your car up from any location within our service area.

How This Works

Step 1: Fill out the form online to schedule the date and location for pickup.

We can stop by your home or office building to pick up your car. We can also meet you in any publicly accessible place, such as a local park-and-ride. Wait for confirmation either by phone or email, as we want to make sure your selected location works for both of us. Our service area covers Annapolis, Davidsonville, Riva, Edgewater, and many other locations in the greater Annapolis area.

Step 2: Drop your keys off at our location

You would need to drop your extra keys off in our drop box at the shop, along with a signed form that confirms that you allow us to perform services on your vehicle (available at the key drop-off). For this to work, you would need to have two sets of keys.

Step 3: Tell us where you parked

On the day of service, tell us where you parked your car so we can easily find it. Feel free to text a picture. Our mechanic will then test drive your car from the parking lot to our shop, replicating and investigating the problems you’ve listed. Some minor issues, like check engine light diagnostics or light bulb replacement, can be done on the spot.

Step 4: Approve the repair

If you contact us for a repair rather than routine maintenance, we will call or email you to let you know what needs to be done. We won’t replace parts until we get your explicit approval in regard to the cost involved.

Step 5: Get your car and keys back

Once we are done, we will park your car as close to where we found it as possible. The mechanic will leave any replaced parts with the car. We’ll then text you how to find it in case it’s in a large parking lot. You will also receive the invoice via email and when you come to pay your bill, we will return your additional key.

What if the repair takes longer?

Sometimes, it may take longer than one day to fix your car, especially if parts need to be ordered. If the car is drivable, we can return it to you and recommend a follow-up appointment. Or we can arrange for the Enterprise shuttle to pick you up and take you to get a rental car. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply you with a free rental at the moment, but our partnership with Enterprise will give you a lower rate.

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