Auto Repair Services

Choisser Automotive Services offers complete maintenance and repair support for your Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Lexus. Based in Davidsonville, MD, we provide auto repair and maintenance in Davidsonville, Annapolis, Edgewater, Riva, Crownsville, and throughout Anne Arundel County.

For your convenience, we can arrange your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off to save you the trip to our Davidsonville, MD auto repair shop. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us about these or other services. Our ASE-certified mechanics will be happy to provide additional details and explain our process.

Scheduled Maintenance

Oil change and filter replacement, tire rotation, belt service, suspension checkup—we do it all and we do it well. Our goal is to help you prolong the life of your Honda, Acura, Lexus, or Toyota by eliminating car pain on the road of life.

Hybrid Car Service and Repair

You don’t have to take your hybrid to a pricey dealership anymore. At Choisser, we have extensive experience with hybrids, both old and new models, and can perform any type of service and repair under the Right to Repair Act even if your vehicle is under warranty.

Check Engine Light Service

Driving your vehicle with a check engine light on is not only risky but also hurts your gas mileage and overall performance of your car. Bring your Honda, Toyota, Lexus, or Acura to us before a minor problem grows into a major repair.

Auto Electrical Repair

Modern cars are packed with electrical components, which creates plenty of opportunities for malfunction. Electrical problems can be tricky to pinpoint and fix, but out ASE-certified mechanics are experienced in diagnostics and repair of your vehicle’s power supply and distribution network.

Brake System Repair

Feel like your brakes aren’t as effective as they used to be? Did the ABS or VSA indicator come on? Let us investigate and get you back on the road in a safe vehicle. We work with conventional brake systems, anti-lock and traction control systems, as well as stability assist systems.

Suspension Repair

Suspension damage may happen over time due to component wear and tear, or it can be attributed to a single event, such as a deep pothole you didn’t see. No matter what caused your car to lose that “smooth ride” feel, our Maryland auto repair specialists will find and fix it quickly and efficiently.

Car Heating and Cooling Repair

Auto climate control systems have gotten more and more complicated, which means more comfort for you and your passengers, but also more knobs and buttons and controls that can break. If you are experiencing issues with your heat or A/C, we can help you get your car to cooperate with your temperature requests.

Exhaust System Repair

At Choisser, we fix a variety of exhaust system problems, from rusted pipes and failed O2 sensors to a cracked exhaust manifold. When your exhaust system is experiencing issues, it often affects the engine performance as well, so it’s best to get it looked at ASAP.

Air Bag and SRS Repair

Your vehicle’s SRS system is there to protect you in case of an impact, but it’s your duty to ensure that the system is fully operational and ready to deploy. The SRS light that won’t go off after 6 seconds means that the system is compromised and is experiencing errors.

Engine Mechanical Repair

When you hear some odd noises from under the hood, you are probably thinking “please, don’t let it be the engine.” But don’t worry just yet—not all mechanical engine problems are serious or costly to repair—at least not when you work with our ASE-certified mechanics!

Driveline and Transmission Repair

We service and repair both manual and automatic transmission assemblies and their components in Acura, Honda, Toyota, and Lexus. Rough shifting, shaky ride, unusual vibrations—we diagnose and repair a variety of driveline and transaxle problems.

Tire and Wheel Service

Tires are what keeps your vehicle grounded, and considering how much wear they experience on a daily basis, it’s no wonder they require close monitoring and regular service. You can rely on Choisser Automotive Services to take care of your car’s wheels and tires and help you ensure safety on the road.

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