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About Choisser Automotive ServicesChoisser Automotive Services has been around for close to 15 years, and during that time we’ve built an exceptional team of qualified technicians. Our experience working on Honda, Lexus, Acura, and Toyota makes is what sets us apart from other Maryland auto repair shops.

  • Over 100 years of combined experience in Toyota, Lexus, Honda, and Acura maintenance and repair
  • All of our technicians are ASE certified
  • The company is led by an ASE Master Auto Technician with advanced level engine performance certification
  • All of our techs undergo ongoing training to stay up to date on the latest news, tools, and techniques in our industry.

We’re here to eliminate car pain in any way we can so that you can get back onto the road of life for a smooth drive.

You Don’t Have to Take Your Car to the Dealership

It used to be a common practice to have your vehicle serviced by the dealership if it’s still under warranty. But times have changed and taking your Honda, Toyota, Lexus or Acura to the dealership for service is no longer your only option. Smaller auto repair shops like Choisser now also have access to the vehicle-specific tools and information supplied by the manufacturer to dealerships. This means we are equally knowledgeable and experienced and are authorized to perform service under warranty. We also use the factory/OEM parts and some factory diagnostic tools as well.

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